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We are friends and admirers of PG Sittenfeld, who have come together to create and support a legal expense fund to help defray the staggering costs for PG to defend himself against false and unjust allegations. We have absolute faith in PG's character, his honesty, his ethics, his commitment to public service, and his love of Cincinnati, which he has served with excellence for a decade.

Read more here:

Open Letter: Prosecutors’ Unjust Treatment Of PG Sittenfeld


If you would like to support PG and help achieve justice, you can click the "Donate" button below for more information.


We are also sharing here a few articles by a highly-respected local law professor and widely-admired local attorney about the case:


1) “The P.G. Sittenfeld I Know Is The Leader Cincinnati Still Needs” by attorney Scott Knox


2) “Do P.G. Sittenfeld’s Charges Represent Prosecutorial Overreach By a Politicized Trump Justice Department” by law professor and constitutional scholar Ken Katkin:

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